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The Office of Defense Services is committed to transparency and helping members of the press as much as possible, whenever possible. Below are recent pieces of press about the office or involving staff.

Members of the media should contact Jon Offredo, the office’s Public Information Officer, at, or at 302-932-4967.

Chief Defender Brendan O’Neill was featured in a story on PBS Newshour’s web site about the fight to bring back Delaware’s death penalty.

An expungement clinic hosted by the Office of Defense Services was featured on WHYY’s Newsworks web site. The clinic helped nearly 100 people

Attorneys from the Office of Defense Services have successfully argued that Delaware’s death penalty is unconstitutional. Their work received attention in the local and national press. Assistant Public Defender Santino Ceccotti, who argued the case before the Delaware Supreme Court, was quoted by the Associated Press, Reuters, and by local outlets like the News Journal and Delaware Public Media.

Lisa Minutola, ODS’s chief of legal services, and Dawn Williams, the office’s director of training and development, had an article about the Gault decision and the work Delaware needs to do to fulfill the promise of the landmark case featured in the May 2016 edition of the Delaware Bar Association Journal on pages 28 and 29.

Our juvenile justice efforts, including a personal take on juvenile shackling, was written about in the News Journal last week.

Many of our legislative efforts were highly discussed in the press during the 148th General Assembly, as noted here in this political wrap-up story by the News Journal.

An expungement clinic being run by our office, as well as several other partners, was previewed in an article by the News Journal.

Our office was featured in a podcast called Remaking Murdertown, which discusses the problems facing Wilmington. The whole series can be listened to here.

Lisa Minutola, ODS’s Chief of Legal Services, was on the Delaware Way this month to discuss the office’s efforts in Dover to reform the juvenile justice system.

On June 15 the Associated Press filed a story about oral arguments over the constitutionality of Delaware’s death penalty. Santino Ceccotti, an attorney with ODS, delivered the arguments in front of the Delaware Supreme Court and was quoted in the <!– –>story.

On June 9 an op-ed co-authored by Lisa Minutola, ODS’s Chief of Legal Services, ran in the News Journal and on The op-ed decried calls for more police presence in schools.

Attorneys from the Office of Defense Services were featured in a Delaware State News article on April 19 that outlined their response to DOJ attorneys in the legal battle to end the state’s death penalty.

A Kids Caucus meeting that focused on juvenile justice issues received coverage in the press from the Delaware State News and the News Journal.

Matt Albright of the News Journal detailed legislative efforts by ODS and its partners to address issues in the juvenile justice system, such as expungements, indiscriminate shackling, transfer laws, and civil citations, in a front page article published on Monday, March 28.

A bill that would end the practice of indiscriminate juvenile shackling received positive press after state lawmakers released it from <!– –> committee. The Office of Defense Services played an integral role in pushing the legislation.

The Delaware State News featured the Office of Defense Services in a March article about ongoing efforts to reform the state’s juvenile defense system.

The News Journal detailed efforts by attorneys Ross Flockerzie, David Skoranski, and Santino Ceccotti to end Delaware’s use of the death penalty.

Chief of Legal Services, Lisa Minutola, co-wrote a story in the most recent issue of Delaware Lawyer about reforms to the sex offender registry as it applies to juveniles. The article begins on page 10 of the link.

Attorneys John Daniello and Dade Werb were featured in a Feb. 21, Sunday News Journal story about the use of Stringray technology by Delaware’s police. Brendan O’Neill, the state’s chief defender, was featured in another article about Stingrays on the same day.

William Deely, supervisor of the office’s Kent Count unit, was featured in a Delaware State News article on Jan. 30 regarding a rape trial he was litigating in Superior Court.

Ross Flockerize, an attorney with the office, was featured in a Feb. 13 article in the News Journal about a case he is litigating in New Castle County Superior Court.

Reporter James Dawson of Delaware Public Media spoke to Chief Defender Brendan O’Neill about the Office of Defense Services’ budget request and the need to equally fund offices that will be dealing with cases involving body camera footage.

The News Journal featured the latest developments in the long-running effort to end Delaware’s death penalty. Chief Defender Brendan O’Neill was included in this story that touched on a recent court action that calls upon the validity of the state’s death penalty.

Chief Defender Brendan O’Neill was also featured on the radio and web in a story written by WDDE’s James Dawson about the latest developments in the effort to repeal Delaware’s death penalty.

An op-ed by Darlene Byrne, president of the National Council for Juvenile and Family Court Judges, was featured on Wednesday. In it, Byrne calls for the end of indiscriminate juvenile shackling in Delaware. The Office of Defense Services has played a major role in the push to end the practice.

The Office of Defense Services was featured in an article in the Sunday, Jan. 24, edition of The News Journal about the ongoing legislative push to end indiscriminate juvenile shackling in Delaware. The office is working with national campaign partners in the effort as well, and the article featured ODS Chief Defender Brendan O’Neill.

Natalie Haskins, a former Assistant Public Defender with ODS’s Family Court unit, was sworn in on January 22, 2016 to serve as a Family Court judge. Chief Defender, Brendan O’Neill, delivered remarks at the event. The News Journal’s coverage of the swearing-in ceremony was written by reporter Jessica Masulli Reyes.

The Office of Defense Services was featured in an article in The News Journal on January 22 about a state committee using federal grant money to explore ways to improve Delaware’s juvenile defense system. Lisa Minutola, Chief of Legal Services, and Dawn Williams, Director of Training and Development, chair the committee overseeing the work and were mentioning in the piece written by Jessica Masulli Reyes.

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