The Office of
Defense Services


Welcome to the Office of Defense Services’ brand new web site. We’ve put a lot of thought into how this web site would be designed, thinking about the needs of both our clients and employees. Please feel free to browse, look around, and click on anything that interests you.

One of the nice things about this dynamic, new design is that it will be easier for users, like our clients, to find crucial information about what to do if they come into contact with the authorities, and how to get an attorney with our office. We’re also planning to utilize the new site’s capabilities to keep a running tab of resources and engagement opportunities available to our clients and the general public.

This blog will become a space for us to share news and events  about our work in the courts, community, and down in Dover, as well national efforts to improve the criminal justice system. Questions? Feedback? Feel free to e-mail Public Information Officer Jon Offredo at