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Expungements in Delaware

Clearing, or “expunging,” your criminal record isn’t as easy as 1-2-3. Read on to learn about expungements in Delaware. Or scroll down for ways to get assistance.

There can be a lot of steps in figuring out who can get an expungement. We created the tools below to help you understand those steps.

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Your criminal history does not automatically go away when you turn 18, even if you were not convicted or not adjudicated delinquent. In Delaware, a criminal history is never destroyed or sealed.

An expungement is the only way to remove arrests, charges, and adjudications of delinquency from a criminal background history.

Delaware passed The Clean Slate Act, which will take effect in 2024 and creates a process for automatically expunging some records.

This is good news, but it is far from perfect.

  • The automatic expungement will not apply to all criminal records that could be eligible for expungement. It is only for records that qualify for a certain type called “mandatory expungement.”
  • Even after the law goes into effect, it will take time for the state to identify and then process the eligible records.
  • It’s possible that the state could fail to identify some records that are eligible.
  • The state isn’t required to inform you when it has or hasn’t automatically expunged your criminal record.

For now, if you were charged with a crime in Delaware and want to remove it from your record, you must obtain an expungement to remove the arrest, charges, convictions, or adjudications.

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There can be a lot of steps in figuring out who can get an expungement. We created these guides to walk you through it based on your record.

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Juvenile expungements

Watch to learn about juvenile criminal record expungement.

Special “thank you” to Dawn Mosley and Productions for Purpose for producing this video.

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